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Emergency Waterproof Fire Capsule_how to

Here SAK-Swiss Army Knife Mini Fire Capsule I have explained how to make a SAK Mini Fire Capsule for your Swiss Army Knife, using a straw, some cotton wool and Petroleum Jelly: that's a great emergency tool to store in the SAK corkscrew.

Well, if you want a Waterproof Fire Capsule bigger and more durable, something that you may use daily to light a camp fire, that's how I do it.

Firstly, you need for a straw, some cotton wool, and Petroleum Jelly. Again, pliers and lighter

Second: cut 2 inches (5 centimeters) piece of the straw

Third: take a pinch of cotton wool. Using a toothpick, soak the cotton wool in the Petroleum Jelly

Fourth: insert the soaked cotton wool in the straw piece (use the toothpick to help)

Fifth: clean from the surplus Petroleum Jelly

Sixth: hold tight an extremities of the straw piece using pliers, then burn the extremity until is sealed (use the lighter). Do the same for the opposite extremity.

The Fire Capsule is made ...

From a standard straw (I found them in Cafè Bar), I made five capsules

The Fire Capsules are waterproof

I take them in my Emergency Kit

The Waterproof Fire Capsule is easy to be ignited, by lighter (of course) and Firesteel sparks too

Cut one capsule extremity, and squeeze. The soaked cotton wool go out easily

Just rub a bit the cotton wool, to enlarge fibres

Now use the firesteel to ignite the soaked cotton wool,

The cotton wool will burn for 2 minutes or more. See the video here...

The Waterproof Fire Capsule is a great piece of my emergency/fire kit

Enjoy your Bushcraft!

Alfredo Doricchi

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