sabato 11 luglio 2015

Bow Drill Friction Fire: bearing block (socket) modification

The Bow Drill Friction Fire is a "must" for every true bushcrafter. Despite is illusory simplicity, it's not simple at all: it requires literally dozen and dozen trials to obtain a nice least, this is my experience :-)
Keys are patience (not my best quality), determination (I'm best on this side), technique knowledge (finally I have it)

On my trials I realized that the weak part of the process - for me -  was the "bearing block " or "socket": in fact, the friction between the wood socket I used and the drill was always too high. As a result, I obtained just one nice ember every ten trials or so. A 10% is not a good score at all :-)

So, in order to improve my efficiency, I thought to made my own socket. I used the smallest measurement spoon of a set

Carving a proper place on my home made catapult was easy with my FKMD Parang

Some glue to fix and the new socket is ready

The "Y" shape is ideal to grab it firmly

The final result is really, really good. Now, I have 100% positive results making a Bow Drill Friction Fire (see video)

The new bearing block is now a solid part of my fire kit

Enjoy your Bushcraft!!

Alfredo Doricchi

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the measuring spoons, it was really useful as I was looking around the house for something to improvise a frictionless bearing block from. It seems so obvious but I never thought to use these.

    I am just waiting for the glue to set on mine.


  2. can i use the first photo for my book?>