lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

VIATOR (designer A. Doricchi - maker S. Mitchell)

Hello everybody,

I just would like to show you VIATOR, the last project that the stunning knifemaker Stuart Mitchell has made for me

VIATOR is a compact hunting/utility knife, the blade is 95mm long and 3,5mm thick, the steel is the SF100 hardened 58-60hrc (here the details and specs of the VIATOR project). 

As usual, Stu has done a fantastic job, the blade is lovely satin and perfect in every way

so the handle, which is greatly contoured, safe and very comfortable

Here VIATOR with the leather sheath I made for him

I would like to thanks again Mr. Stuart Mitchell for his awesome job. VIATOR will remain in my collection forever.



(C) Alfredo Doricchi

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