venerdì 8 novembre 2013

5.11 Strike Pants: just brilliant

Hi all, its' now four months that I use my 5.11 Strike Pants, so it's time to resume some thoughts
I bought the 5.11 Strike Pants from Heinnie Haynes (great service, as usual!): three days after the package was at my door. When I was wearing them I immediately had the feeling "wow, so comfortable"...the second feelings was "so much pockets, and so smart designed"...really these pants are brilliant in terms of comfortability, durability and "smart design", you have just the type and the number of pockets for what you need everyday AND outdoors, no matter if you want to carry a knife, your smartphone, keys, beanie ecc. on it
The 5.11 Strike Pants are also great in terms of toughness, whit the spots reinforced where is needed
It is possible to wear a belt high until 6 centimeters, a mandatory feature for outdoors pants
All in all I'm very fine with these pants, and I suggest them to all of you both for EDC and outdoors use. A big thanks to HH for the perfect service. See you, ciao Alfredo

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