venerdì 29 novembre 2013

MuntjaX by S. Mitchell_first impressions

Hi everyone, a couple days ago I received a MuntjaX knife from the UK knifemaker Stuart Mitchell. Specs: Total lenght 220mm Blade lenght 100mm Blade thickness 3,5mm Steel SF100 (inox steel very similar to the Sandvik 13C26, tempered at 60HRC (?) G10 handle with hollow pins Weight 150 grams (w/o sheath), 220 grams (with sheath) The fit and finish level is outstanding, as per usual speaking about the work of Stuart. The handle is a true masterpiece, it’s like was tailored for my hand. Nor to speak about the beautiful blade. I made a leather sheath for the MuntjacX. It’s not at the same fit and finish level of the knife, of course, but the knife is safe and stable, and that’s count for me. My first impressions about the MuntjaX are really good. This is the third Mitchell’s knife that I handle, and each of one was a masterpiece. The reasons is that Stuart is able to combine a top level quality of work with a really practical design, so at the end you had a Land Rover handmade and finished like a Bugatti. Perfect. The MuntjaX is compact, light, robust, really comfortable. In my opinion it’s a knife ideal for bushcraft, camping, outdoor activities, made for people who are looking for the best. As a final note, I would like to share with you the fact that was our good friend Nightfly asking Stuart for a Muntjac a bit longer, so the MuntjaX was born. For me this fact add a great value to this knife. Rest in peace Maarten, we miss you. Ciao, Alfredo

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