lunedì 3 novembre 2014

Walking in the sun with my watch and my knife

Hello everybody,

a couple days ago I spent some hours (roughly five) walking in the surroundings of my house. It was a nice, sunny day, and I was wearing my Rolex Explorer II and carrying my Enzo Birk 75. I thought to share with you some pics.

The Rolex Explorer II is my “outdoor watch”, in fact I wear it hiking, trekking, backpacking. As you may see, I use a NATO strap, and that’s the way I like more for the EXPII, I mean I like a lot the steel bracelet, but I feel more comfortable with the NATO straps. The Enzo Birk 75 it's a nice folding pocketable knife, just the knife you may choose as your EDC (Every Day Carry): it's comfortable to handling and carrying, is affordable, has a clean look.

Let’s continue with some pics. We choose this track to reach a small village near our house. As I said, it was sunny and clear, so you may see the Alps on the background

Finally we reached the small village of Teven, its’ really just a handfull of houses, anyway I like it

This sundial was enough accurate, 11:30 AM (roughly) both on my EXPII and the sundial

On the track to come back house we stopped for a small break, and I had some trial with the Birk 75

Once again, the EXPII was a great comrade for me. Reliable, easy to read, though, accurate, comfortable…and IMHO a great looking watch also. I value it as a stunning tool, especially for outdoors activities. The Enzo Birk 75 made the daily activities a pleasure, in fact is easy to use, and the overall quality is just great. Having the right watch and knife with me made my day better, and that's all count for me :-) 

Cheers, Alfredo Doricchi

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  1. Hi Alfredo, it's Francis from BushCampingTools, can't believe it, just read your profile, we have a lot in common. I too am a biologist, writer and filmmaker (FrancisCheeFilms) and long term outdoorsman, plus we are almost the same age too! I'm yet to be designer though!

    Great blog you have. I've got one too, but it's only new.

    best regards


    PS ER are sending me some samples to review, was just waiting for Mr Chiostri to give the OK.