sabato 2 gennaio 2016

VESUVIUS Knife_review

I’m using VESUVIUS knife by S. Mitchell since few weeks, so it's time now for a review

Some specs:
blade length 103mm
OAL 225mm
blade thickness 5,0mm
steel SF100
full flat grind, sporting a secondary bevel
camo G10 scales, with two swaged 10mm tubes and a single 8mm

Vesuvius is a compact, sturdy fixed blade, designed for survival, bushcraft and outdoor activities. 
Here below some pics for comparison with several well-known knives

Vesuvius is comfortable in the hand, the G10 "Coca Cola bottle" shaped scales make him safe and easy to handling

Vesuvius works nicely both cutting and carving woods

It's easy making feathers with Vesuvius

Vesuvius tip is very robust, you may use it without any issue

Swaged tubes may be used to lash Vesuvius to a stick, for an emergency spear 

 Vesuvius blade, thick 5,0mm, is long and strong enough for batoning without issues

Vesuvius is good on precise and fine works too, i.e. making traps

Here below how the trap realized with Vesuvius works 

I like a lot the camo scales, anyway they make the knife hard to see if you lost the knife in the woods

All in all, VESUVIUS is a stunning knife for survivalist and bushcrafters, in my humble opinion. I'm really satisfied about this project. The maker, Mr. Stuart Mitchell from Sheffield (UK), made a stunning job, as usual. I thanks him a lot.

Enjoy your Bushcraft!!

Alfredo Doricchi

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