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Tudor Heritage Ranger, field watch with lot of history.

Tudor Ranger series has - as the name suggest - some really iconic watches in his stunning history; the Tudor Heritage Ranger, launched in 2014, is just the last one of a long journey, starting from the early '50s. In fact, while in 1953 the Rolex Explorer was tested on the Everest, a batch of 26 Tudor Oyster Prince watches were also field-tested as part of the British North Greenland Expedition (1952-1954; as a note, during the expedition temperatures below -59 °C were recorded on 16 occasions...) and they performed just great as reported from some members of the expedition, becoming the "grandfathers" of the Ranger series that Tudor released later

The Tudor Oyster Prince RANGER was launched on 1967: 34mm diameter, 3-6-9-12 indexes, water resistant, oyster bracelet, is the true father of the Ranger series...may you see some similarities with the actual Tudor Heritage Ranger, isn't?

So, let's speak about the Tudor Heritage Ranger itself. Here below you may see the watch with one of his original leather strap...

...that I immediately changed in favor of a dark brown vintage leather handmade strap that I like more.

Don't get me wrong; I guess Tudor has made a great job with the watch itself, but I just don't like the leather that Tudor choose for his straps. Just personal feeling, of course. Anyway, needs to say that Tudor provide a large variety of strap and steel bracelet solutions for the Heritage Ranger, as you may see below; also, the camo Nato strap is provided with both the leathers straps or the steel bracelet, so you have at least two possible configuration (strap/nato, bracelet/nato) depending the reference you choose. Strap/bracelet changing is thankfully really easy due to the drilled lugs, so all you need is a metal paperclip. Great job, Tudor.

The black dial is highly legible at first glance in every condition, day or night, thanks to the pear shaped hour and minute hands treated with luminescent coating. The red seconds hand get a warming touch of color to the dial.  The hour markers are Arabic numerals at 3-6-9-12, the other ones are simple rectangular batons; all are painted with thick luminescent coating, giving a nice 3D look to them. A simple chapter ring encircles the dial, making easy to read off hours, minutes, seconds.
The dial design reminds to the vintage military watches, there is no confusion when you look at it.

The stainless steel case is - with the exception of  a subtle ring all around the sapphire glass - satin treated, reinforcing the masculine look of the watch. Thanks God, Tudor has not enlarged too much the case in front to the older models, so the 41mm diameter is a comfortable size and should suit a broad range of wrist sizes. Personally I found the Tudor Heritage Ranger really comfortable both with the leather and the NATO strap. The case-back doesn't features an exhibition case-back: this is consistent with a field/tool watch, and I like it. Water resistance is 15 atm, more than you need for your normal outdoor activities.

The Tudor Heritage Ranger is equipped with the 25 jewels self-winding movement 2824 (28,800 bph), with a power reserve of 38 hours. Believe it or not, I'm wearing my Tudor Heritage Ranger since 4 days, 24h/day, and the precision is a stunning +- ZERO seconds/day. Awesome.

All in all, the Tudor Heritage Ranger is a watch that exude simplicity and robustness, doing just the right job any watch should do: answering the question "what time is it" everywhere, everytime, no matter what are you doing.

(C) Alfredo Doricchi

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