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Fallkniven PXL, (high end) folding knife

Hello everybody,

today I would like to review a high-end folding knife, the Fallkniven PXL

This is the fifth knife I receive from Fallkniven. As usual, Fallkniven has made his homeworks starting straight from the shipping. The package is well made, the knife is properly protected

Inside the package, we find the proper cardboard box, nothing special but clean, clear and elegant as per Fallkniven tradition

Opening the box, we find the protagonist of our review, the Fallkniven PXL. My sample has green micarta handles. The knife exudes quality, my first impressions are really fine, everything seems to be made with attention to details as most as possible

The Fallkniven PXL it is not a lightweight folding knife, the weight is in fact approximately 181 grams

Specs of the knife:

- total lenght 199 mm
- lenght folded 111 mm
- blade lenght 88 mm
- blade thickness 3,5 mm
- steel 3G (*see below)
- hardness 62 HRC
- handle material Green micarta
- locking liner lock

Comparing the Fallkniven PXL with several other popular, fine, folding knife (Victorinox, Buck, Benchmade, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance).  The swedish folder has a clean, simple, elegant shape.

As I spent part of my time hiking around in the woods every day of my life, I decided to arrange a "tail" in orange color for my PXL. This will help to find easier the knife in case I lost it in the woods. The lanyard hole is large enough to allows for some Paracord 550

Done. Now, in the woods, with my best friend, Charlie....

and the PXL in the pocket...

Well, there is an issue. I don't know if this is just for my PXL sample, but the pocket clip is so hard to work with that assuring the knife at the pocket is a pain...the problem is the huge pressure of the pocket clip on the handle. I decided to unscrew the pocket clip to explore the reason of it, and the reason was immediately clear...

Look at the gap between the base of the pocket clip base and the extremity of the pocket clip: it's very big. That's means the pressure that the clip has on the knife handle is, consequently, huge.
Luckily, the solution is simple: pull the bend part of the clip a bit (as per the pic below), until the gap is reasonably big to ensure a good pressure but not too much. A pair of pliers is sufficient to do this, and now the pocket clip works really fine

Ok, problem solved. Now, let's use the PXL. First of all, some food preparation...

The PXL works very well on meat, less on vegetables due to the blade thickness. 
Cleaning the knife after a dirty job like this is simple, due to the manufacture of the PXL: a water jet is sufficient to clean the knife

Let's now use the PXL for some bushcraft/survival tasks.

Making feathers, for starting a camp fire. The PXL works fine, it's not the best knife for this task but the 3G steel blade, razor sharp, helps a lot, so you may obtain fine, thin feathers

Now, making some tool from garbage: a scoop from an empty plastic bin. Same for this task: the PXL blade works fine, not the best I ever tried but not the worst for sure 

Another classic task in the woods: making a tent peg. The PXL works fine for carving wood, the handle is confortable (with the exception of the pocket clip on the hand palm for long tasks), the razor sharp blade allows for easy, deep cuts in the woods

Cutting rope: even if the PXL blade is non-serrated (which should be the best for cutting rope), no problem at all. The 3G is really a great steel...

The Fallkniven PXL is a fine, well-made, top end folding knife. Period. The knife exudes quality, no doubts on that. Usually, Fallkniven use the best available materials for his knives, and the PXL is not an exception, the 3G steel is awesome. Ergonomics of the knife is also fine: a simple design plus high quality manufacture made it a pleasure to work with. Anyway, there are two things that I don't like about the PXL: the heavy wheigt, and the pocket clip. This two factors made the knife less comfortable to use - especially for long, elaborate tasks - as he should be. A lighter version, without pocket clip, should be perfect (for me, of course).
That said, the Fallkniven PXL is a great folding knife, an high quality tool, as per Fallkniven tradition.

(C) Alfredo Doricchi

Fallkniven AB
Granatvagen, 8
S-961 43 BODEN

Distributore per l'Italia:
Laika Coltellerie S.n.c.
Via Figino, 46/R
20016 Pero (MI)
Tel. +39 02 35394 24


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  1. Really great review and spectacular photography - much appreciated. I am considering adding one of these to my collection, and this review was very helpful - thanks much

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