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Fallkniven TK2, great all-purpose knife.

Hello AD blog readers,

in this article I want to review a great all-purpose knife, the Fallkniven TK2

The knife arrives in the usual Fallkniven white cardboard box, with the informations about guarantee, instructions, and so on, both in english and swedish language

Inside the cardboard box, a black and gold plastic box, containing the knife and the leather sheath

The packaging is well done, as you may expect from a renowed brand like Fallkniven. If you want gift the TK2 to someone, he/her will be glad starting straight from the packaging.

The Fallkniven TK2 is a drop-point knife. The laminated blade is made by 3G stainless steel (HRC 62), has a convex edge, is long 100 mm and the thickness is 4,5 mm. A false edge run from the tip to roughly the middle of the blade spine

Between the blade and the handle, there is the stainless steel finger guard

The handle is made by Thermorun, with a dense diamond-like texture to improve the grip. Near the end of the handle there is a hole, roughly 4 mm in diameter, to accomodate a lanyard. At the end of the handle, there is a protruding broad tang as a glass-breaker    

When you buy the Fallkniven TK2, you may choose both a leather sheath...

...or a plastic (Zytel) sheath. I had both of them

The total lenght of the knife is 215 mm, the weight is 148 grams (knife only).
I was really satisfied about both the knife and the sheaths. The TK2 is a compact, well made knife with a professional look. I also like a lot his minimalist design, tipycal of Scandinavian products.  I like also the sheaths, anyway for my taste and needs the leather sheath is too big and too heavy, I like more the Zytel sheath and I wil use it.

I carried and used the Fallkniven TK2 both in summer and winter days

As I said previously, I choosed the plastic sheath over the leather one. Carrying the knife it's easy, the belt loop accomodate a 6 cm large belt with no issues, and the sheath is compact and unobtrusive 

What I didn't like about the Zytel sheat is the irritating noise emitted when you move and walk fast, caused by the impacts of the blade against the plastic

On the conrary, I like the compacteness of the sheath, which is well designed and sleek  

At the end of the sheath there is a large hole to drain humidity, well done Fallkniven

The sheath is not M.O.L.L.E. compatible, anyway using some rope/paracord one should be able to fix it to a backpack

Handling the TK2 is a pleasure, because the knife it's well balanced, and the handle is well designed too. That said, I have XL hands, and for me the knife handle is a bit too much thin, I would like more a thicker handle 

The handle hole is large enough to accomodate Paracord 550, so if you want a paracord lanyard no problems

I used the Fallkniven TK2 for a variety of tasks, as food preparation...

...cutting ropes

...or plastic

arranging walking sticks...

carving wood for a friction fire...

making tent pegs...

making wooden feathers for a camp fire...

All these tasks were done admirably well by the TK2. The blade is higly versatile yet tough and robust. The blade tip is reliable, so no issues using the tip to carve wood or similar. The G3 steel hold an edge for long, long time. The handle is safe and comfortable, the grip is always good, also with wet hands.

I also used the protruded tang as an emergency hammer. Well, in my opinion is too small and short, in few words I would like more a wider, bigger pommel...anyway it's better than nothing

I have to say the Fallkniven TK2 is a great all-purpose knife. In my opinion, his best quality is versatility, in fact the TK2 could be the only knife one may carry outdoors, camping or hiking. It's also compact, reliable, robust. Finally, it's also an expensive knife, but if you know Fallkniven knives you know they are top-notch, not cheap tools.  

(c) Alfredo Doricchi

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