martedì 24 settembre 2013

How to use your watch as a compass...when the sky it's cloudy

Hi all, I'm sure many of yours are aware that a watch can be used as a compass
It's in fact just matter to point the hour hand to the sun: the line between the sun and the 12 on your watch it's (roughly) the South (note: vice versa, of course, on the South emisphere, the line it's North)
Anyway, there are days when the sky it's so cloudy, that's not possible to see the sun, like this
So, how about it? Well, there is a method that I learned via...the well knowed adventurer Bear Grylls and his show "Man vs Wild". You need a small wood's stick, your watch and your knife
Now, place the wood's stick in front to the blade of your knife, than rotate the blade slowly
See it? Note that in the positions 1 and 3, the stick don't make any shadow on the blade. Otherwise, in position 2, the shadow it's clearly visible on the blade: this means that the the blade it's just towards the sun. Now you know where the sun is, so you may point your hours hand watch to it and establish - roughly, but better than nothing - where the South is. Easy! Thanks to you, Bear! Ciao, Alfredo

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