giovedì 26 dicembre 2013

"Fiorentino for Spyderco" by AD design: a Christmas gift draft for Sal Glesser

Hi everybody,

as a knive's designer (AD design is my logo), I'm interested in every kind of knives, including traditionals of course. Actually, I have a small collection of traditional knives, both European and American, and I love them for clean, utilitarian design and for the story behind them.
Here in Italy we have a lot of traditional knives, every region has one or more. One that I love so much is the "Fiorentino"
The "Fiorentino" it's a folding knife born in Italy on late 19th century, higly appreciated for it's practical qualities and used both for working and eating, especially in Tuscany region ("Fiorentino" means "from the city of Florence"). The peculiar blade shape is from the Yatagan, a type of Ottoman short sabre used from mid 16th to late 19th centuries.

I'm also a huge fan of Spyderco knives: Spyderco means, for me, high-quality, no-nonsense knives availables for most of peoples. I especially like the Ethnic Series of Spyderco, so it was natural for me to think about a "Fiorentino for Spyderco"
The "Fiorentino for Spyderco" is a slip-joint folder, the blade lenght is 89mm, the lenght OAL is 209mm, the blade thickness is 2,5 mm.

I thought the "Fiorentino for Spyderco" draft as a Christmas gift for Sal Glesser, as I want to thank him for the stunning Spyderco knives I used in past years. Anyway Mr. Glesser, if you want to add to your Ethnic lines also the "Fiorentino", I'll be happy to.

Merry Christmas to all of you,


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