giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

BEAVER by Bushcraft-Kit

Inspired to the finnish Puukko, BEAVER by Bushcraft-Kit is a compact, lightweight but yet sturdy bushcraft knife

BEAVER is born and excel for wood carving, anyway is an affordable tool for every bushcraft activities. The O1 high carbon steel used for the blade and the zero scandi grind allows for precise cutting and fine tips. The guardless handle is very comfortable and, as the knives experts knows, not unsafe for a skilled bushcrafter.
I like a lot the fact that the blade spine corners were not rounded, as this allows for an effective use of the ferrocerium bar (please knifemakers, I know a rounded spine is fine to look, but please leave the spine as the BEAVER spine in your bushcraft knives).    

The specs of BEAVER are as follows:

  • blade length: 95mm
  • blade thickness: 3,0mm
  • steel: O1 high carbon steel
  • handle: wood, with 5mm brass rivets and mosain pins
  • OAL length: 200mm
  • weight: 115 grams (195 grams including the sheath)

I have found BEAVER as an effective and affordable tool for outdoors activities and bushcraft tasks.
The leather is simple, made by good and thick leather, and effective. In my opinion anyway is a bit too long, so when you need to pull out the knife you may just pinch the handle using thumb and index fingers and that's uncomfortable. This can be fixed modifying the sheath shape or, in alternative, adding a lanyard hole to the handle. Just my two cents.
All in all, having a very reasonable price of  110 euros roughly, BEAVER has a really good cost/quality ratio.

I recommend BEAVER knife if you want a compact bushcraft knife, for a reasonable price, and with a touch of elegance. 


(C) Alfredo Doricchi

BEAVER by Bushcraft-Kit
Bucarest - Romania

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