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Extrema Ratio N.K.3, the small tank

The Extrema Ratio N.K.3 is the newcomer of the E.R. neck-knives family

As the name suggest, neck-knives are made essentially to be carried as a pendant

Neck-knives are used by humans since centuries, i.e. we may find paintings of them from XVI century

Coming back to the N.K.3 knife: bigger than his brothers N.K.1 and N.K.2, the N.K.3 sports a tanto blade 70mm long with a blood-draining slot. On the blade spine there is a groove for the index finger or the thumb, that help for precise tasks or to improve pressure when needed. The handle is curved, allowing safe and comfortable handling.
A kydex sheath comes with roughly 1 meter of paracord for neck carry, anyway the sheath can be attached via M.O.L.L.E. systems to tactical vests or any compatible cordura sheaths. A belt-clip is available from Extrema Ratio, for attaching sheath to a belt.
There are three available versions by Extrema Ratio: the N.K.3 black, the N.K.3 desert warfare, the N.K.3 stone washed.

Specs of the knife:
- blade length 70mm
- blade thickness 6,3mm
- steel Bohler N690 (60hrc)
- OAL length 153mm
- weight 82 grams

As you may see, this knife is very thick, especially in front to the blade length which is only 70mm. This means that the flat grind has a very wide angle, and the same for the micro-bevel; add this to a short, skeletonized handle, and the cutting efficiency isn't that much as a result. That said, what lacks in terms of cutting efficiency is rewarded in terms of toughness and robustness: this small knife looks, and probably is, indestructible. A improvised wooden handle, lashed to the knife with the paracord strip, make the use of the knife a lot more comfortable if you need for long/hard tasks.
The kydex sheath is very well made, the knife stay inside safely and doesn't rattle at all.
Fit and finish are top notch - as usually speaking about Extrema Ratio products - and for sure the N.K.3 has a killer look.

In summary: the N.K.3 should be a great back-up knife. I don't value him as a great foremost knife, because of the lacks in cutting efficiency.

PROS: great fit and finish, robustness, toughness, good ergonomy, well made sheath, great look.
CONS: poor cutting efficiency.

(C) Alfredo Doricchi

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