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Fallkniven PC: the folding knife I used this summer

This summer I had the chance to use the Fallkniven model PC extensively. It's now the right time to review it

I received the knife early on July; after shooting some pics and handling it for a few days, I decided to pick up the Fallkniven PC for my vacations in Croatia, to use in a diofferent environment for the general purposes of a camping trip

The Fallkniven PC arrives in a small, white carboard box. On the six sides of the box you may find the main informations about the knife (steel, hardness, warranty, how to sharpen the knife, ecc.). Nothing special, but the box is adequate, clean, and elegant. Open the box and here it is the knife itself, enveloped in a plastic bag

The Fallkniven PC is a modern folding knife, with some "vintage" details. In fact, there is not a thumbstud so you need to open the blade with both the hands using the nail notches on both sides of the blade (for right and left handers), and there is not a pocket clip (a belt sheath is highly recommendable, more lather).
The blade is made using Lam. CosS steel (Laminated Cobalt Steel), with a hardness of 60 HRC; this guarantees a stunning cutting efficiency and edge retention. The blade is locked in place by a liner lock, a well proven, simple locking system. Blade lenght is 73mm, thickness is 3mm. 
The pivot is fixed by greasless Teflon bearings; it can be tightened or loosened using a Torx T10 key. The handle is made by fiberglass (Grilon), internally reinforced with stainless steel spacers. This allows to clean easily the knife with hot water and some soap.
Total lenght of the knife is 174mm, for a weight of 66 grams. I choose the classic black color for the handles, anyway there are other color availables as grey, green red, blue, orange.

The Fallkniven PC is elegant, light, well made with top notch materials, as per Fallkniven's tradition. First impressions are really fine.

I felt anyway the lack of a carry system, even a simple lanyard hole. So, I asked Fallkniven for a cordura sheath to carry the knife on my belt. The Pec sheath is elegant, well made, light, and the knife sit on it just right. The sheath allows for a belt until 45mm. Well done Fallkniven.

As previously said, I used the Fallkniven PC extensively during my vacations in Croatia. I like to spend my holidays camping, so I had the chance to use my knife several times per day, as you may imagine.
Typical tasks are food prep, cutting ropes, cutting boxes. Also, I carved woods and made various tools, for example I made some wood crocs (for fun) and a weathercock (for to establish the wind direction) using the Fallkniven PC; the knife performed superbly, because of the razor sharp blade, the ergonomic handle and the lightweight. Carrying the knife at the belt is also easy, the sheath is comfortable and safe, even if sit a bit high on the body side. 

After four weeks of heavy duty, the Fallkniven PC didn't show any sign of  weakness, and the blade is still sharpen as the first day. I recommend the Fallkniven PC to those who want a high end, efficient and easy to carry folding knife with an elegant shape.

(C) Alfredo Doricchi

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