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Extrema Ratio BF0 CD_small big folding knife

Hello AD Blog readers,

today I want to review a small folding knife...who can do big things: the Extrema Ratio BF0 CD

As per usual, Extrema Ratio starts well since the package. The ER BF0 CD case is simple but elegant, made by black heavy cardboard, with silver writings

Inside the case, we find:
  • ER BF0 CD knife (protected by heavy foam)
  • QC card
  • Maintenance manual (four languages)
  • Warranty (four languages)
  • Silica gel sachet
The package is not cheap for sure, you may present the ER BF0 CD as a gift without any issue.

Let's now speak about the knife itself. The ER BF0 CD is a small folding knife, actually is the smallest among the Extrema Ratio Basic Folders family. When folded, his size is similar to the one of a BIC lighter.

It is also a light knife: ER states for 50 grams, my libra anyway says 48.9 grams.

The handle is made by technopolymer, a light and resistant material, reinforced by a single steel internal frame.  On the handle there is a steel pocket clip, repositionable to carry the knife both in the right or the left pocket. There is also a lanyard hole, large enough for Paracord 550.

When opened, the blade is locked by a liner-lock system, by the way you may open/close the drop-point blade with one hand, acting the long milling on the blade itself. The blade is made by N690 stainless steel (58HRC) and stone washed finished.

Here below you may find the technical specifications of the ER BF0 CD:
  • blade lenght 55 mm
  • blade thickness 2,5 mm
  • total lenght 140 mm
  • weight 50 grams
  • blade material N690 stainless steel (58HRC)
  • main grind Flat
  • blade finishing Stone washed
  • handle material Nylon

(draft from Extrema Ratio internet site)

Some comparative pics with other small folders (Spyderco Caly 3, Spyderco Ladybug, Fallkniven LTC):

In summary, the first impressions about the Extrema Ratio BF0 CD knife are very positive. The knife is looking good, the overall quality is top notch. My only concern is regarding the dimensions of the BF0 CD, which is such a small knife: will be able to perform some serious tasks? We'll see...

First of all, let's say the BF0 CD knife is really comfortable to carry, due to the compact size and the light weight. Again, the pocket clip works fine, the knife is solid in the pocket but still easy to be picked out.

Handling the BF0 CD is better than I thought. Of course, we are speaking about a knife that has a 85 mm long handle, so I'm not saying is comfortable for long tasks, or so. Anyway, the handle is thick enough and shaped correctly to allows for a decent handling.

Some of the Extrema Ratio folders I tried in the past were sharp enough out of the box, but not razor sharp. This is not the case of the BF0 CD, which is razor sharp and able to cut without any issues ropes (even the big ones) and any other materials (plastic, cardboard, food, etc...).

Again, carving woods it's easy enough, despite the small size of the knife.

The Extrema Ratio BF0 CD is an awesome small folding knife. It's a robust, solid, light, well-conceived cutting tool. You can do everything you want with the BF0 CD, the only limit being his size. Well done once again, Extrema Ratio.

(C) Alfredo Doricchi

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