venerdì 2 agosto 2013

Fantoni PRIMO by Scintilla: lightness and versatility.

Hi everyone! On the past few days I had the chance to try the PRIMO by Scintilla (Scintilla is a well-knowed cutlery shop, placed in Treviso - IT, who sponsored this knife ) Specs of the knife: Weight 178 gr. Steel 14C28N (blade stone washed) Blade lenght 120 mm. OAL lenght 254 mm. Blade thickness 4,0 mm. Handle micarta Sheath cordura 1100d M.O.L.L.E. compatible PRIMO is made by Fantoni Cutlery (Maniago - Italy) as usual for Fantoni knives, PRIMO has a quite good level of fit and finish PRIMO is an all-around knife, designed by Moreno Franzin. Being projected as a knife for campers, hunters, outdoorsmen, I decided to try it on some of the basic tasks you may perform in the woods. A tent peg: Feathers: Batoning: Well, I may say PRIMO is a quite good all-around knife for general activities in the woods. It's light, maneuvrable, a good slicer (thanks God the thickness is not exagerate, a hair below 4,0 mm). It's not a real "bushcraft knife", and the ventral guard is something I don't like in this kind of knife, anyway it's a good "general purpose" knife. Let's speak now about the sheath, which is made in Italy. Here you may see it in the "right handle" configuration but it's possible to modify it also on the "left handle" configuration, just rotating the tab Several possibilities are availables to carry the knife at the belt of course, the sheath is M.O.L.L.E. compatible And now, would like to introduce you a "gift" from the talent of Moreno Franzin. Take a look here Ok, you probably experienced both lax and shut kydex sheaths, a pain to manage to, isn't? Now, M. Franzin has re-invented a bit the kydex sheath: in fact, it's sufficient to adjust the two screws moving them up and down and YOU decide how much locked you want the knife in the sheath A great feature, if you ask me. Unfortunately, at the moment this it's just a prototype by Mr. Franzin...I hope some manufacturer will appreciate it for what it's value, and decide to contact Mr. Moreno Franzin to produce this kind of sheath in great numbers! In case, just contact me and I will pass the info to Mr. Franzin (he has not an e-mail... :-) All in all, the PRIMO knife is a very well made "all-around" knife. I may suggest it for campers, outdoorsmen, hunters that are looking for an affordable, light, robust, good-slicer knife PROS: light, robust, good slicer knife, good fit and finish, nice sheath CONS: ventral guard a bit too protrused (for some tasks)

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