giovedì 26 febbraio 2015

Mora Outdoor 2000 "Never lost": homemade leather sheath

The Mora Outdoor 2000 "Never lost" is a great knife for peoples looking for an affordable tool with stunning quality/cost ratio.

I plan to use this knife for my next kayak trip, due to the minimal weight, the inoxidable steel, the plastic handle with a great grip even with wet handles. I like the knife but - at usual for Mora knives - I don't like the plastic sheath. Look, I'm not saying Mora sheaths are not efficient...I just don't like the cheap look of them.

So - as usual - I have made an homemade leather sheath for my knife. Even if leather, I treat it with hot wax so that's good also for wet environment. Apologize for the bad pics, I have made them with my phone.

Enjoy your bushcraft!


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