sabato 14 febbraio 2015

ROK Project: the Real Outdoors Forum Knife 2015

Few months ago, my good friend and professional knifemaker Stuart Mitchell from Sheffield wrote me a couple lines "Would you like to design the potential Real Outdoors Forum knife for me?".

We chatted a bit about the possibilities. TARLO (see here TARLO Project) was the inspiration, but Stuart asked for something more versatile in terms of handles: naked, wrapped with paracord or scaled (customs choice).

The resulting design was the draft here below

There were two other great project from skilled knifemakers for the Real Outdoors Forum Knife. 
The challenge was hard, but at the end the winner was our project, and the ROK (Real Outdoors forum Knife) was born.

After some minor modifications, the ROK first run was decided to be launched, in just 25 pieces. The list of the future owners was full in 48 hours.

Stuart started before Christmas to work on ROK project. He shared the various steps on Real Outdoors Forum, and for me was exciting to see how ROK growths

Well, the final result is great, in my opinion. ROK is a compact, versatile, though, useful tool.
The steel is the SF100, the thickness is 3,0mm, the blade length is an hair below 70mm

Some of the 25 first run pieces are scaled. The scales are in G10, black or green. Pins or swaged tubes are also an options. For me, I choose a ROK with Green G10 scales and swaged tubes.

That's the ROK project 2015. I'm proud about it, and very happy about the high quality level of Stuart Mitchell's job. Waiting for my own ROK to test on the field, I want to thanks Stuart and Real Outdoors Forum.

Enjoy your Bushcraft!!


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