mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

TARLO_how to wrap the handle

I was requested to explain how TARLO handle can be wrapped by paracord. Here we are.

First step: you need 2 meters of paracord

Second step: bend the paracord roughly at 50 centimeters from one extremity, and insert the loop throughout the front small hole of TARLO

Third: insert in and out the short paracord extremity in the four holes of TARLO handle

Fourth: insert the long paracord extremity in the paracord loop, and tie the loop

Fifth: turn and tie firmly the paracord around the handle, until you reach the last hole

Sixth: turn the short paracord piece around the lower part of the fourth hole. Do the same with the long paracord piece on the above part of the fourth hole

Seventh: tie a simple knot on both the paracord extremities, to fix them. Add another knot just after to secure

Eighth: cut the surplus paracord and burn the paracord extremities. The paracord handle is done.



Enjoy your Bushcraft!


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  1. sarebbe bellissimo avere la "doppia" lingua.....
    ma già dalle immagini è come sempre chiaro e semplice.

    1. Mi dispiace ma quasi sempre non ho tempo di fare il post inglese/italiano. Grazie a te. AD

    2. no no grazie a te per il tempo e l'accuratezza con cui ci rendi partecipi!!!
      comunque sospettavo fosse una questione di tempo ;-)...