martedì 10 febbraio 2015

TARLO_the Woodworm

A few months ago I designed a knife to match some basic needs I have when I hike/trek and on EDC outdoors activities. I wanted for a fixed blade knife, compact, light, comfortable and versatile.

The resulting design was TARLO (italian word for Woodworm)

I shared TARLO draft with my good friend Stuart Mitchell, from Sheffield (UK). As you probably know, Stuart is one of the best active knifemakers; you may see some of his works here

Stuart was delighted by TARLO design. He wrote to me "Alfredo, that's a great design. I would like to make Tarlo." Of course I was glad to accept, so few days later TARLO was next to me in the flesh...

As previously said, TARLO is a compact, light knife. The handle is designed to be wrapped with 2 meters of paracord, anyway of course you may leave it naked if you want.

Specs of TARLO:
- total lenght 170mm
- blade lenght 69mm
- blade thickness 3,0mm
- steel SF100 hardened 60-62HRC
- weight 50grams

TARLO is designed to be used 360 degrees: versatility is the key word here. TARLO is a very good tool both for woodcarving, working man made materials and food. Even heavy works as batoning some big seasoned wood is possible with TARLO, being the blade length the only limit. It's so light and compact that I tend to forget him, until I need him.

I'm very pleased about TARLO: is a great tool for my EDC outdoors needs. I want to congratulate here Mr. Mitchell for his great job :-)

Enjoy your Bushcraft!


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